Our Mission: To serve needy households with vehicle repairs and maintenance in the name of Jesus. Serving those who need our assistance we want to make sure their vehicle is safe to drive, and provide preventative maintenance too keep it running well.

Our Vision: We see CARS ministry garages opening in towns and cities right across Canada. If you are interested in starting an affiliate CARS ministry garage in your town or city we’d like to help. Send us an email office@carsministry.ca and we can start the conversation.

What is CARS?
CARS is an acronym for Christian Automotive Repair Service, a non-profit organization that assists needy households with automotive maintenance and repairs through volunteers.

Many households, especially single moms, struggle with putting food on the table, paying the rent and utilities, and putting clothes on their children. Consequently oil changes get neglected leading to major auto repairs, and brakes aren’t maintained leading to road safety concerns.

CARS provides an opportunity for those who enjoy working on vehicles, or want to learn how to maintain and repair vehicles, to get together and serve those in their community who need help with vehicle repairs and maintenance.